Sunday, November 8, 2009

Which logos look like they belong in Robocop?

Q: Ironic Sans pointed out that the Congressional Budget Office logo looks a little bit too much like the logo for the Omni Consumer Products megacorporation from Robocop. Compare:

Also, I just saw this logo on the side of a truck - I guess it's for a really great nonprofit, actually, not an evil robotics manufacturer  - and thought there was a certain resemblance:

Are there other logos with this somewhat creepy concentric-letter style?

A: Yep. There are quite a few organizations who had the clever idea to nest their initials like that, resulting in logos that are as memorable as they are distinguishable. Try to guess what these companies actually do:

If you guessed, respectively:
Instruction manuals, art collections, milk products, plastic containers, some kind of can, cardboard containers, laboratory services, antennae, long distance telephone service, apparel, cutlery, microcomputers, a department store, electrical connectors, enamel cookware, clothing, bingo equipment, air conditioning, and magnetic tape . . .
 . . . then congratulations.

Q: Most of those lack a certain je ne sais quois. Are there some logos that don't  adhere quite as well to the OCP mold, but would still look right at home in a dystopian future?

A: Thanks for that convenient leading question. Take a look at these:

Health care, auto part casting molds, buggies, music production, pumps, shoes, sewing equipment, and due diligence, in case you were wondering.

If you want more of these, search the United States Patent and Trademark Office site.

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